ST. LOUIS – Lafayette Square’s beauty and history make it one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city of St. Louis.

“This is a really robust neighborhood that has only gotten stronger over the last 20 years,” says Jeff Winzerling, president of Universatile Development].

Winzerling’s company is behind Lafayette Reserve at Mid-Point. It’s a 14-home project on the north side of the 2200 block of Hickory.

“We’re actually in the neighborhood. The opportunity to do that is what made this most exciting, and I think it’s why it’s so successful. It’s why people are paying the prices they’re paying for these houses,” he says.

“We’ve sold eight of the 14 homes so far at an average price of nearly $750,000. We have buyers who have children. We have a couple that just got married, doesn’t have any children yet, but probably will, and then we’ve got what you kind of expect, which is some empty nesters as well.”

The new homes feature familiar facades with what Winzerling calls “contemporary layouts and conveniences.” He hopes this development can be a positive example of future growth in the city.

“The more money we can invest in a small area, we’re building up the ground value underneath it. We were able to build these expensive houses because this piece of property was valuable,” he says. “But we’re also, by putting so much investment into this one-half block area, that it’s driving the values around us up. If the city can do more of that, it is only good for the city.”

Winzerling says the first eight homes in the development should be available in early 2023, with the other six expected to be completed by the end of next year.

“Just 62 years ago, this neighborhood was headed to zero. Now, it’s headed in the absolute opposite direction,” he says.