Maryland Heights family concerned over trench opening in front yard

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – The heavy rain that brought in the New Year, flooded many communities.  But in Maryland Heights homeowners watched their yard or driveway drop.   The Conway family is always on the move.  Raising four boys means lots of activity.  They live in a subdivision a short distance from Creve Coeur Park.   It’s a beautiful neighborhood.  But there’s something ugly happening to their front yard according to Mary Conway.  ‘When the water came, it rained; it sunk like it is right now, very quickly.’

Mary says following the heavy rain during the holiday they watched as a deep trench between the sidewalk and her front yard opened up over a period of just a couple of days.  It actually follows a straight line through the yards of at least three other homes.

Mary is concerned about safety. ‘If somebody`s walking their dog or walking here, they could hurt themselves.  We don`t want to be liable for anything.  We want to protect our children. We want to protect the neighbors walking by.   And we don`t know what`s underground.’

In an effort to find out what’s underground the Conway’s contacted Maryland Heights city officials, Ameren, Charter Cable and MSD.  So far the family says no one can tell them what caused this.  And who fixes it.   ‘We just want somebody to tell us what to do.  We`re lost.   We don`t know what to look for.’

A spokesperson for Ameren tells Contact 2 they are assessing the problem and will get back to the homeowner.  The same with MSD.  I’ve left messages for the city and the utility companies hoping someone will tell us if the homeowners are responsible for repairs.  But the Conway’s think each of the utilities with service running underground need to come up with a plan of action.     ‘I don`t want anybody falling.  We don`t know if we`re liable or what.  And it`s getting worse every day. ‘

The Conway’s say waiting is hard to accept.  We’re hoping to get a few answers from the utilities and the city of Maryland Heights.  In the meantime the Conway family and their neighbors must use caution when approaching their homes.

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