SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Online car dealer Carvana is banned from doing business in Illinois. The Illinois secretary of state is suspending Carvana dealer’s license over issues with buyers not receiving car registrations or titles.

Those documents are to prove the car belongs to the buyer and are needed for it to be sold or driven. According to the secretary of state, Carvana unlawfully issued temporary car registrations from other states without using a license remitter.

Last week, FOX 2 reported on a St. Louis county woman who experienced similar issues with the online car buying website, Vroom.

“I would like this to not happen to anyone else,” said Vroom customer Lydia Killoran. “I would like my title, my registration, and some plates so that I’m driving legally without fear of getting pulled over by the police. It’s that simple. I’m not asking for too much I don’t think.”

After interviewing Killoran, Fox 2’s Mike Colombo contacted Vroom on her behalf. A company representative told Mike they were looking into it.

Killoran told Mike she wouldn’t have her license plates without his help.

“Since then, I received my license plates on June 28 with my registration,” said Killoran. “Then a few days later, I finally got my title. I think if I wouldn’t have talked with you the first time, I would still be sitting here with no license plates. I really do feel that way, so thank you, Mike.”

Since Killoran’s story, FOX 2 received more local complaints about Vroom.

Carvana had its license suspended in Illinois in May. It was reinstated under strict guidelines. The new suspension comes as the secretary’s office investigates the company due to many customer complaints.