ST. LOUIS – A local Schnucks store has found a creative way to recruit new workers.

When the Ladue Crossing Schnucks store challenged its talent to help boost up recruiting, employee Rebecca Utz stepped up to sing a jingle on the intercom.

“I could see her potential. I approached her and I said, ‘We need to staff the store.’ We stormed ideas, and she took the opportunity, and she ran with it,” said Manager Monica Mazzini, Schnucks store manager at the Ladue location.

Mazzini said Utz is “shining like a star.”

“We have to be intentional with what we do. And this was intentional. Seeing Rebecca with this great talent and giving her the opportunity to shine like a star. She is shining like a star,” Mazzini said.

Utz said she wants people to understand the message in the song.

“I wanted people to walk out the door not only singing the jingle, but more importantly get the message that we’re really looking to hire,” she said.

Mazzini said the jingle help recruit new hires.

“We have been lucky to have been able to recruit some people because of it,” she said.

“They come up to me, and they’ll say, ‘Was that you on the intercom?’ Of course, my first question is, ‘Did you like it?'” she said. “If they say ‘No,’ I’m like, ‘I’ll have to talk to that person.’ And if they love it, I’m like, ‘Wow, thank you so much!”‘ said Utz.