ST. JOHN, Mo. – The fleet of Spire trucks and orange-clad crew members in this St. John neighborhood has the feel of a major project, and it no doubt is. But the gas company’s skilled workers are using other tools in their toolbox to make Louise Stewart’s home safer and more secure.

Not one to be the center of attention, Stewart’s home was chosen by Rebuilding Together-St. Louis as one of its 100 local renovation projects this year.

“It feels really, really, really good. I didn’t expect this many people to come out,” Stewart said. “They told me quite a few, but I didn’t expect 12 or 15.”

Anthony Gartner is the rapid repair specialist for Rebuilding Together-St. Louis.

“Our three biggest things are safety. Keeping her safe in the house. Security. Locks on the doors and independence. Keeping her independent in her own home.” Said Gartner.

The organization has partnered with Spire on projects like this for nearly a decade.

“Our employees rally around this every year,” Tammy DeClue, employee engagement specialist for Spire, said.

DeClue says this collaboration with Rebuilding Together is one of two projects they’re working on together.

“It’s rewarding being able to help someone like Ms. Stewart. That’s what we do this for,” she said.

With a brighter, cleaner, and more secure home as a result of all this hard work, Louise Stewart says she’s proud of the progress.

“I am just so thankful. Before 40%. Now I would say 100%. Very good. Very good. Very good,” she said.