ST. LOUIS – Spire says it’s not affiliated with a company offering to match the amount you pay on your gas bill.

A company called Evolving Resolutions said it will double what you pay towards your Spire bill and directs you to its website with a QR code. Spire wants you to know it is not connected to the “match what you pay” program being advertised.

“We’ve looked into it. We do not have a relationship with this company,” said Jason Merrill with Spire. “If folks did get this, what we would encourage anyone who is concerned about paying their bill is to contact us.” 

Records from the Missouri Secretary of State showed Lawrence Mosely created the limited liability company in 2020, stating its purpose was to “provide a public service.” In 2021, the company was registered with the Florida Secretary of State. Mosely and his Florissant, Missouri, address are listed as authorized to manage the LLC. Evolving Resolutions website shows a Florida office address along with a St. Louis phone number.

FOX 2’s Contact 2 team spoke with Mosely on the phone. He said his business helps people with financial literacy and protects consumers against fraud. He acknowledged that his business is not affiliated with Spire. Attorneys General from Missouri and Florida said they have not received any complaints about the company.

Spire said if you need help paying your gas bill, there are several community organizations they partner with that can help. Just because you see the Spire logo, doesn’t mean Spire is involved.

“If somebody sees something, and they have questions about it, we encourage them to contact us,” Merrill said.