ST. LOUIS – St. Louis City SC’s first game in the MLS was a memorable one, thanks to a smart cutback and a delightful, difficult finish.

“You can feel the excitement for this team and for the home opener,” said Karen Montgomery, a City SC fan. “So yeah, everybody’s excited.”

Edmound Elzy, City SC’s vice president of ticket sales and service, said the club still has tickets available for pretty much every game. He said they also put a few tickets on sale for Saturday’s game at CITYPARK. Elzy advised fans who still needed tickets to go to SeatGeek, which is the club’s primary ticketing partner.

“That’s why we tell people to use SeatGeek because we can follow everything,” he said. “If you go to a Facebook group or something like that, it can be a little bit more risky. There’s no screenshots, none of that stuff is accepted. If you’re using tickets you got through SeatGeek, you should be perfectly fine.”

Sarah Wetzel with the Better Business Bureau encouraged ticket seekers to use caution when buying tickets online. She said scammers can create fake websites to dupe consumers.

“They’ll take the logo, they’ll take everything they can to make it look legitimate,” Wetzel said. “A lot of times, there’s just the littlest change in the URL. One big piece of advice is if you are going to do this, use a secure form of payment. A lot of times, that’s a credit card. That way, if there is fraud and you do realize you’ve been taken advantage of, you have recourse.”

The XFL announced on Saturday that sections of the upper deck at the Dome at America’s Center would be open for the Battlehawks’ home opener on March 12. Tickets are available on the XFL website and through ticketing partner Ticketmaster.

Elzy said ticketholders should keep an eye on their emails ahead of St. Louis City SC’s Saturday home opener.

“Anybody that has a ticket, we’re going to send a note before you go,” he said. “An email that will detail pretty much everything you need to know to prepare yourself properly to attend a game.”