CLAYTON, Mo. – The St. Louis County Assessor says some 2023 personal property declarations mailed to taxpayers show inaccurate vehicle values.

“If it’s another day in county government, it’s another computer error from a technology vendor, right?” said Jake Zimmerman, St. Louis County Assessor.

Zimmerman said that’s why approximately 26 percent of county residents receive inaccurate vehicle values on their 2023 personal property declaration forms.

“The moment we saw that the wrong numbers were on some of these things, we raced to stop the presses, stop the printing, stop the mailing,” Zimmerman said. “We’re going to make sure everybody in St. Louis County gets the correct declaration mailed to them within the next few weeks.” 

Taxpayers are required by Missouri law to file completed personal property declarations every year to list the vehicles they own as of January 1, even if there are no changes from the previous year. Your annual tax bill is based on the declaration. Your personal property tax receipt has to be accurate in order to register a vehicle or renew your license plates.

“We just want everybody to know some people will have gotten a declaration that might have last year’s vehicle value on it. Doesn’t matter,” Zimmerman said. “No effect on your tax bill. We just don’t want people to be confused if they see another one in the mail three weeks from now.” 

Completed declarations can be filed by U.S. Mail or online here.