ST. PETERS, Mo. – Charley Sellini and her husband Chuck were married in 2020. Their honeymoon plans were quickly put on hold.

“We had to postpone it due to COVID, and then we postponed it because we got pregnant,” Charley said.

Nearly three years later, they finally made it to Mexico to celebrate. But the Sellini’s say their fun quickly ended on their return trip to St. Louis.

“I’m a very, very reasonable person. I try not to complain unless it’s something as big as this,” Charley said. “I just can’t get over the lack of compassion that Frontier had for any of us.”

The couple’s Jan. 15 flight from Cancun to St. Louis was delayed twice and then canceled. The family started scrambling to find a flight home. The first available Frontier flight was on Tuesday, the 17.

“All I can think about is getting home to my baby,” Charley said. “That’s all I can think about.”

In a statement, a spokesperson from Frontier Airlines told FOX 2:

“We regret the disruption and apologize for the inconvenience caused by the unexpected flight cancellation. Ms. McBride and her traveling companion opted to rebook on the next available Frontier flight and were provided two $100 travel vouchers as a customer service gesture. As an additional courtesy, they were also provided a one-night hotel accommodation, although airlines are not required to do so in such circumstances.”

“They just had zero sympathy. Zero compassion,” Charley said. “It was almost belittling how they were treating me and my husband.”

The cancellation forced Charley’s husband to take two unpaid days off. She had used two extra vacation days. Charley said she tried to get Frontier to cover their second night of expenses.

“Anything at all I would’ve accepted, and they basically told me no,” Charley said. “Flat out no. We’re not going to give you anything back.”

The Sellini’s do have travel insurance. They said they are filing a claim to try to recoup their additional costs.

“The fact that it was our honeymoon makes it all the worse,” Charley said.

She said they’ll book their next trip with another airline.