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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The Historic Lewis and Clark Tower Condominiums are saved from condemnation.

Owners and tenants hope it is permanent.

The building still has some problems, but the elevator is running. One owner, a retired teacher, says he’s cautiously optimistic about his purchase.

Climbing nine flights of stairs is a challenge for John Ellis. But like others in the building, he had no choice. The elevators have been off and on for months.

This has been home for Ellis for a while.

With other code violations like wiring, plumbing and fire safety, I asked what are his thoughts now about buying.

Since he`s been here, a couple different companies have managed the building.

They`ve all had trouble keeping the elevators running according to Ellis.

He tells me he`s been forced to use the stairs for over a year.  He says he never got a key to the elevator when the elevator locks were changed by a previous management team. That was during the sweltering summer of 2012.

Besides the non working air condition, he had ceiling damage from the unoccupied 10th floor.  He consulted an attorney. He sent them copies of the checks. Last month Moline Acres City condemned the building.

Then condo owners met and discussed the thousands in unpaid condo fees.  Owners have since met and agreed to address the outstanding fees and a process for self management.  There could be more crisis with the building as time goes on.  But he’s worked with the sole member of the old condo board.

Ellis says he’ll pay condo fees going forward but he’s still considering how he’ll handle the delinquent fees.

He still wants to keep his investment in the tower.

It could take some time to restore trust and build a new condo association.  Call with us with your consumer issues the toll free number is 800-782-2222 volunteers take calls Monday through Friday from 11am till 1pm.