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LEE’S SUMMITT, Mo. – Pam Tovar of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is getting ready for Christmas, putting gifts she recently bought at Walmart under her tree.

“Just mainly toys for the kids and getting stuff for Christmas dinner, things like that,” she said.

Tovar’s bill for the gifts and holiday accessories totaled $588.37.

“It was a big ticket and I had a lot of money going out and I generally do try to check those just to make sure, and I’m glad I did,” she said.

When Tovar checked her account, she found she’d been charged not once, but twice, totaling more than $1,100. Walmart directed her to her bank.

“When I talked to the lady at the bank, she said the person before me had the same problem at Walmart,” Tovar said.

She posted what happened on the neighborhood app Nextdoor, thinking it might just be an issue at the Lee’s Summit store.

“I’ve had numerous people ask me which location, ‘Because I was just there five minutes ago and I’m checking my receipt and I have a double post too.’ So, it seemed to be more than just me,” Tovar said. “This lady right here says, ‘I received a notice from my bank yesterday of a possible duplicate charge from Walmart, reviewed it, and yes, it was a duplicate.”

From calls to our newsroom, to online social media searches, people across the country are sharing complaints about being double charged at Walmart. FOX 2 contacted the company and received this response:

“On Dec. 5, the payment processor Walmart utilizes for credit and debit transactions experienced a technical issue that charged certain customers twice. The issue was resolved, and all impacted transactions have been identified and submitted for correction.”

Tovar was originally told it could take up to 30 days to get her money back.

“It is three weeks before Christmas and the property tax is due on (Dec. 31), so you need money,” she said.

Tovar said she’s thankful to have the money back in her account before the holidays.