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ROXANA, Ill. – Some parents in the Roxana School District parents are complaining about a pair of math questions written by a teacher on a classroom whiteboard. The parents said the questions were not only in bad taste but gave the impression the teacher was making light of drug use.

On Thursday, the district superintendent confirmed these questions appeared during a freshman math class.

The first question: “You take 600mg of cocaine, your body filters out 40% per hour, how high are you in three hours?”

The second question: “Unfortunately, you can’t pay your dealer, so she sets up a payment. You owe her $1,000 at 25% daily, how much do you owe one year later?”

The district said this was an example of poor judgment. A statement from the district reads, in part:

“The district is addressing the matter with the faculty member and those impacted by this incident. The faculty member has apologized to students and parents for this lapse in judgment and has reiterated the intent was never to promote or make light of illicit drug use. The district is taking the necessary measures to ensure that the damage is repaired. The district is addressing this issue as a personnel matter according to district policy.”