96% of ICU beds are being used in St. Louis area hospitals


ST. LOUIS – There are a total of 999 coronavirus patients in St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force hospitals when you combine confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients.

Another troubling figure, 96 percent of ICU beds are being used in the four hospital systems that make up the task force. For a record tenth day in a row, more than 100 people were admitted to hospitals Thursday. It was a total of 130 people, the same as Wednesday. The seven-day moving average of hospital admissions hit another all time high Thursday with 126.

Another record was set in the seven-day moving average of hospitalizations, that increased to 783. The hospitalization average number has jumped by more than 200 patients just since veterans day.

The number of confirmed COVID patients is also at an all time high of 849. There are 159 confirmed COVID patients in ICU’s Friday morning which is down five from Thursday morning. However, the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients on ventilators increased from 85 to 87.

A reported 136 COVID patients were released from task force hospitals Thursday. That’s the first time during the pandemic that more patients have been discharged from hospitals than admitted.

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