COVID-19 local death toll rises as statewide cases in Missouri, Illinois continues to increase


ST. LOUIS – It is another day with rising COVID-19 numbers in Missouri and Illinois along with more cases and deaths in our area.

Six more deaths from counties on both sides of the river are being reported in the latest figures. The total amount of deaths across Illinois from COVID-19 is now above 500. However, the numbers also show a sign of hope.

Missouri officials confirming more than 3,500 cases now across the state a jump of over 200 cases from Thursday. Our research concludes that at least 89 people have died statewide. Illinois now has over 16,400 cases with 528 deaths. The state added 1,344 cases yesterday and 66 deaths.

Some counties are listing how many people have recovered after being infected with COVID-19. By our count, more than 100 people are listed as recovered in the various counties which are releasing that figure.

Local coronavirus cases:

  • St. Louis City has 565 cases and 13 deaths
  • St. Louis County figures show 1,472 cases now 33 deaths.
  • St. Charles County has 325 cases and 11 deaths.
  • Jefferson County reports 101 cases with two deaths.
  • Franklin County has 69 cases and three deaths.
  • Perry County there are 33 cases.
  • Lincoln County reports 26 cases and one death.
  • There are 19 cases in St. Francois County with one death.
  • Warren County there are 13 cases.
  • St. Genevieve County has 6 cases and one death.
  • Pike County reports five cases while Gasconade County has two cases.
  • St. Clair County 144 cases are being reported along with the total of 8 deaths.
  • Madison County has 99 cases with two deaths.
  • Randolph County reports 35 cases.
  • Monroe County has 33 cases in with one death.
  • Clinton County has 32 cases.
  • Macoupin County confirms 12 cases.
  • Marion County has 10 cases.
  • Montgomery County stands at eight cases with one death.


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