Local veterinarian offering curbside pickup for pet care


KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Curbside service isn’t just limited to the restaurant industry having to adapt their business during the corona virus outbreak. This is the new norm when it comes to animal care.

At Kirkwood Animal Hospital, they’re offering curbside pickup for your pet.

“What we decided we would do is run two teams,” says Sarah Hormuth, medical director at Kirkwood Animal Hospital. “We have six veterinarians here. So, we have three veterinarians on the team and three veterinarians on the b team. The staff that is with those veterinarians on those days does not change. So, we’re working full shifts from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. That way, unfortunately, if one team has members that get ill we will still have a team come in and serve.”

The tale of a visit to the veterinarian in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak means the moms and dads of these tail wagers have to wait in the car, which can be a concerted effort.

“Well, he’s our first pet and we kind of wanted to be there when he gets his shots but so far he’s been happy when he gets back to us in the car, so I’m sure they’re taking good care of him,” says pet owner Mary Pat Bernsen.

The serious nature of this pandemic has the people caring for pets on extended shifts and doing their best to communicate to pet owners.

“So, we explain what it is and we get all the information and examine and discuss everything with them that we would have for our plan,” says Hormuth. “It works out well. The negative is sometimes being the bearer of bad news. We read so much on people’s body language and it’s hard having to tell people not face to face.”

The long days will continue for the foreseeable future here but pet owners have been very appreciative of the curbside pickup.

“We wish we could be in there but I guess with the corona stuff going on, it’s best we don’t,” says pet owner Brandon Johnstone.


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