Missouri hospitals to hold mass vaccination sites across state throughout February


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Hospitals across Missouri will start hosting mass vaccination sites this week, with the goal to vaccinate 5,000 Missourians at each location.

The state announced the new distribution plan Monday. Two weeks ago, the Missouri National Guard partnered with local health departments to host mass vaccination sites in Missouri State Highway Patrol’s (MSHP) nine regions. Hospitals are now joining the force to help vaccinate as many as possible. Missouri is currently in the process of vaccinating those in Phase 1A and 1B, Tier 1 and 2.

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) are teaming up to give hospitals more than 50 percent of Missouri’s weekly allocation.

DHSS said vaccinators in Missouri have received 835,400 as of Monday and have administered 515,850.

“We think this is the best way to get a large amount of vaccine into arms as quick as we can,” Director of DHSS Dr. Randall Williams said. “They’ve already done this with their own employees, and they know their communities well.”

According to DHSS, the state if currently receiving around 76,0000 doses a week.

“We’re starting to see more regularity from the federal government on the size of the federal distribution and the tempo of that distribution,” spokesperson for MHA Dave Dillon said.

For the month of February, hospitals across the state were selected to administer just over half of the state’s shipment.

“It is not going to be exclusively on hospital campuses, it will be in communities, similar to what we’ve seen in the past week or two with the Missouri National Guard,” Dillon said. “They were likely to be a little bit more mobile and strategic in their targeting.”

The hospitals were separated into MSHP’s nine regions. Dillion said allocation of the vaccine will be based on population.

“The majority of Pfizer will go to the metros and the majority of Moderna in this push will go to other areas,” he said.

He said the reason for Pfizer going to the big cities, is the extreme freezers needed.

“It makes the most sense to put the Pfizer, which is a little more difficult to deal with into the systems that have a little bit more capacity to deal with the challenge,” Dillon said.

Williams and Dillon said staffing was a discussion among state leaders when talking about this new distribution plan, but hospitals are prepared.

“So, the good news is that the numbers in the state for positivity as well as hospitalizations are going down,” Dillon said. “As the number diminished, we were able to balance the workload to where we are going immunizations instead.”

Both DHSS and MHA believe this plan will be in place as more Missourians are allowed to be vaccinated.

“As we move through the month of February and get into March, that platform in the amount of vaccine will just continue to just significantly increase,” Williams said.

“The knowledge that we take from this, is going to be really important because we are going to see more vaccines, larger shipments of vaccines in the future, so this first tranche in February is going to teach us how to do mass vaccinations,” Dillon said.

Williams said you receive your first dose and your second dose from the same location.

To be vaccinated at one of the Missouri National Guard sites, you must register before going to the location. For now, Williams said hospitals participating in the distribution plan will not require registration through the state. Instead, it will be up to each hospital individually if they plan to put something in place.

The state is now posting mass vaccination locations and dates on its website. You’re also able to register for each site on the page.

RegionWeeks of Feb. 1 & Feb. 15RegionWeeks of Feb. 8 & Feb. 22
ATruman Medical Centers, Inc., Kansas City, Mo.Liberty Hospital; andNorth Kansas City HospitalABothwell Regional Medical Center, Sedalia, Mo.;Cass Regional Medical Center, Harrisonville, Mo.;Fitzgibbon Hospital, Marshall, Mo.; Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, Clinton, Mo.;HCA Health System; andSaint Luke’s Health System
BHannibal Regional Hospital;Northeast Regional Medical Center, Kirksville, Mo.; andScotland County Hospital, Memphis, Mo.BHannibal Regional Hospital;Northeast Regional Medical Center, Kirksville, Mo.; andScotland County Hospital, Memphis, Mo.
CBJC Healthcare;SSM Health;Mercy St. Louis;St. Luke’s Hospital; andSt. Louis County Health DepartmentCBJC Healthcare;SSM Health;Mercy St. Louis;St. Luke’s Hospital; andSt. Louis County Health Department
DCoxHealth, Springfield, Mo., andCox Medical Center BransonDMercy (Springfield and Joplin) and Freeman Health System, Joplin, Mo.
ESoutheastHEALTH, Cape Girardeau, Mo.ESaint Francis Healthcare System, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
FUniversity of Missouri Health Care, Columbia, Mo.FCapital Region Medical Center, Jefferson City, Mo. andSSM St. Mary’s Hospital, Jefferson City, Mo.
GOzarks Healthcare, West Plains, Mo.GOzarks Healthcare, West Plains, Mo.
HMosaic Life Care, St. Joseph, Mo.HMosaic Life Care, St. Joseph, Mo.
IPhelps Health, Rolla, Mo. andSalem Memorial District HospitalIPhelps Health, Rolla, Mo. andSalem Memorial District Hospital

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