Missouri seeking applicants for Disaster Medical Team


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – On Monday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson thanked those who have signed up to apply for the Missouri Disaster Medical Team.

The governor said 900 individuals have signed up to be part of the team as the state prepares for the possibility there will not be enough medical workers to address needs exacerbated by the number of COVID-19 patients the state expects to see in the coming weeks.

Missouri Director of Public Safety Sandra Karsten said based on current models it appears the state will need additional personnel. The team is looking for individuals with medical backgrounds in a variety of health-related fields including nursing, allied health professionals, dentistry, counseling, mental and behavioral help, and laboratory science.

The governor was joined during his daily briefing by MU infectious disease specialist Dr. Stevan Whitt. He encouraged Missourians to participate in any outdoor activity as long as social distancing is a part of any activity.

Parson’s press briefings continue to be conducted on social media to comply with the state’s social distancing order. Reporters submit questions by email. One of those questions was what prompted the governor to issue the stay-at-home order on Friday. He said factors include how many hospital beds are available in various parts of the state and how many ventilators are available.

“Last week, there were probably 90 some odd counties out there that had three cars or less within their counties and still 40 counties that probably didn’t have any,” said Parson. “But we could see those numbers keep going up every day.”

Lawmakers are scheduled to return to the Capitol on Tuesday to address a supplemental budget for the current fiscal year to address the need to authorize additional spending to address COVID-19. Senator Majority Leader Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) issued a statement on Monday encouraging Missourians to follow avoid the Missouri Capitol and follow the proceedings online.


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