New mask mandate goes into effect today in St. Louis County


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A new mask mandate went into effect Monday in St. Louis County. County Executive Sam Page said health director Faisal Khan put the new public health order into effect this morning.

The order will take effect immediately and the guidelines of the new mask mandate will be the same as the ones for the mask mandate announced in July.

Those include anyone five years or older in St. Louis County must wear a mask in indoor public spaces and on public transportation regardless of their vaccination status.

Page said the head of the County Council, Rita Heard Days, sent a letter to Khan saying she will not oppose the new mandate.

Page also said that state law does not restrict the executive branch from enacting one.

Page explained he believes this order will stand up because the county is following the guidance of its legal team and to be consistent with a judge’s recent decision that the county could not enforce the old order from July because it expired.

Page said that masks work in helping to keep COVID cases from escalating and that the new mask requirement will keep children safe who aren’t yet eligible to be vaccinated against COVID.

The Missouri Attorney General posted on Twitter this morning saying, “this tyrannical forced masking effort is once again illegal. As I’ve said from the beginning of this ordeal & our successful efforts to stop this power grab— The people of STL Co are citizens, not subjects & I’ll continue to fight back for the people & for the cause of freedom.”

The County Health Department will start offering Pfizer booster shots Monday to those who qualify. The booster shots will be available at the county’s three public health clinics in Berkeley, Pine Lawn, and Sunset Hills. Those seeking a booster shot are asked to bring their vaccine card or a copy of the card.

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