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ST. LOUIS – Weeks ago, FOX 2 reported community partners were offering an innovative way to give the class of 2020 tech-savvy graduation ceremonies as close to the real deal as possible.

At least eight high schools will host commencement with huge drive-in ceremonies.

The class of 2020 has already missed out on so many senior year traditions, but these eight schools will have parents pulling up to the POWERplex parking lot to root them on from their cars.

“Families and friends will be able to observe the ceremony on large screens from the comfort of their vehicles,” Rockwood Schools Superintendent Mark Miles said during a weekly video briefing to his district. “It’s an incredibly creative way, I think, to continue the tradition of graduation.”

With the use of LED screens, a concert stage, and audio through cars, this is possibly as close as it gets.

“These are not traditional times,” said Angie Ortinau, a parent of a Eureka High School student.

She said she’s happy it’s even happening.

“I’m happy that Rockwood is choosing some sort of solution for these kids because it just doesn’t seem like by June or July that we will be able to have that traditional ceremony,” Ortinau said.

The parking lots at Marquette, Rockwood Summit, Lafayette, and Eureka high schools have been empty for more than a month.

“My heart has broken so many times for the class of 2020,” Miles said. “They missed out on so many memorable experiences here at the conclusion of their educational experience.”

Now, they’re holding on to hope that this unique graduation will make memories that count.

“I think it could be a super fun drive-in tailgating experience,” Ortinau said. “Hopefully, everybody can just come in excited and supporting the graduates with a graduation that they are going to get.”

There is still room for more graduations between May 29 and Jume 29.

Media companies Fogarty Services, Klance Unlimited, and Brought 2U Media worked with POWERplex to create this experience.

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