St. Louis Airport, travelers taking extra steps against COVID-19

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ST. LOUIS - Despite growing health concerns on COVID-19, it was business as usual for travel at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport, although added self-precaution was noticeable.

“Everyone has some type of cleaning material on them,” said Desean Frazier, who was heading to Las Vegas that afternoon.

“I’ve definitely have noticed more people with masks,” said harpist Cheryl Feder, whose concert with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra was canceled Thursday night.

The airport, which has over 250 daily flights, increased efforts in cleaning protocol including perpetual wipe down in public areas as well as the addition of extra hand sanitizing stations.

“What I’m most concerned about with the coronavirus, I think, is me unknowingly passing it along to someone," said Feder, who was traveling with an 11-month-old in tow. "I’m not as concerned about Sam at this time as I am about us passing it along to my parents or my husband's parents."

Meanwhile, Frazier finds himself packing a large container of wipes alongside his carry-on luggage.

“It’s uncomfortable to have to bring all this stuff as well as other items you need for a flight, but just for the virus I will probably wait weeks after it comes to an end if it does hopefully."

Most travelers are using common sense.

“You just wipe your hands with alcoholic towels every now and then," said Kyle Sherman, waiting on his luggage at the main terminal carousel. "Avoid touching your face as much as possible. It’s very difficult. It’s a very human thing to do."

The airport recommends staying connected with their airlines in advance of flights for the latest information.


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