St. Louis City and County parks open for Memorial Day weekend gatherings


ST. LOUIS – Memorial Day weekend can be spent with loved ones — at a safe distance, of course.

City Parks Director Greg Hayes said Forest Park is open and available to the public for responsible gatherings. The park does not have set safety protocols in place. Instead, the Parks Department is relying on good judgement from their visitors.

They are asking everyone to abide by CDC guidelines and maintain social distancing. Forest Park is a pretty big place, so it shouldn’t be too hard to space out.

“I think more than anything people just want the opportunity to just be outside of the house, enjoying the elements, especially if the weather is nice,” said Nicole Tyler as she enjoyed a nice picnic by Rose Fair Pavilian.

You and your family can have a private picnic of your own. Go on a walk. Ride bikes. Maybe you can even teach the kiddos how to fish.

St. Louis County Parks and Trails are also open for you to enjoy. Park officials are asking visitors to come prepared since most park restrooms, indoor facilities, sports courts, and shelters are still closed.

However you choose to honor our fallen soldier this Memorial Day, please do so with everyone’s safety in mind.


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