St. Louis County tracking small number of COVID-19 breakthrough cases


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ST. LOUIS– The St. Louis County Health Department says so far there have been a very small number of residents who developed COVID-19 after getting the vaccine. These types of cases are called vaccine “breakthough” cases.

St. Louis County Health Department says it has identified 212 breakthrough cases. The department says it is an incredibly small number given that more than 350,000 adults in the county are vaccinated according to the state of Missouri.

Officials say most of those infections had very minor symptoms.

The health department also says in 17% of the cases, the person is asymptomatic and was tested because of exposure, usually to a household member with COVID-19 who was unvaccinated.

The health department says 33% of cases involve health care workers. These cases usually had mild symptoms.

There have also been 13 hospitalizations and one death tracked to COVID-19 breakthrough cases.

The health department says this serves as a reminder about the effectiveness of the vaccine because less than 1% of fully vaccinated people are becoming infected with the virus.

Officials say vaccinated resident should be cautious if they are exposed to household members who are ill with COVID-19. You should consider wearing a mask or social distancing to prevent infection.

The health department is providing information to the state and CDC on hospitalized and deaths due to COVID-19 breakthrough cases.

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