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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Any real estate agent will tell you the three most important aspects of any property are location, location, and location. The Cortex Complex in the Central West End fits that bill.

“What Cortex really is, is a platform for people to plug into,” said Dennis Lower, President and CEO Cortex Innovation Community. “So it’s not about Cortex, it’s about the businesses, the people, and their pursuits.”

Come this weekend, those who pursue music will get a chance to collaborate at the two-day Tritone Expo.

“We have companies that are everything from one guy in a basement to the companies that go to the NAMM show every year and have Italian distributors,” said Michael Tomko, Tritone Expo organizer. “It’s amazing that people don’t know that all exists here. All 70 of our distributors are within a 100-mile radius.”

Saturday and Sunday, the family friendly guitar and music education expo inside the 4240 building in the Cortex district will bring together vendors, players and more. The urban innovation zone is trying to combine technologies, research, and the arts.

“There’s innovation that happens all over St. Louis, but we want CIC and Cortex to be a hub for innovation in the city and we think Tritone is another example of that,” said Dan Peterson, CIC client coordinator.

“The creative process is the same whether you’re an artist or a bench scientist,” Lower said. “What we try to do is merge left and right brain.”

For most musicians, playing in a band or musical group is a creative collision that usually results in harmony. The same thing can be said about the Cortex district.