ST. LOUIS – Many spend the Fourth of July weekend celebrating America’s independence with family and food. Some people take eating very seriously. One of the most well-known eating challenges takes place on the holiday weekend, Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog-Eating Contest. The contest starts at about 10 a.m.

St. Louis also has some food challenges. Think, eat a 72-ounce steak in an hour and get it for free. Below is a list of St. Louis area restaurants with food challenges.

Crown Candy Kitchen Malt Challenge

Drink five malts or shakes within 30 minutes, and then get them for free. Crown Candy Kitchen will also give the prevailer a t-shirt and their name will be added to the Wall of Winners! Click here for the rules.

Pointer’s Pizza

Two people must eat the Pointersaurus, a 28-inch two meat or four vegetable topped pizza that weighs over 10 pounds, in one hour. The winners will receive $500! Click here for the rules.

Twins BBQ And Grill

The Farmington Knights Challenge consists of two triple smashburgers, fries, loaded pulled pork nachos, 6 hot wings, and a 44 ounce soda. It must be completed in 30 minutes or less. If the challenger fails they have to pay $50. If they win, they receive a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant and a t-shirt. Click here for more information.

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill

The challenger must eat a large ultimate meat pizza, a woody burger with fries, a six-pack of hotshots tacos, and an order of hot boneless wings. The challenge costs $40. If the challenger finishes in under 30 minutes, they get it for free, a t-shirt, social media recognition, and in-store recognition. Click here for more information.

Mama’s on The Hill

At least one person tries the Mama’s Pasta Challenge each week. It consists of 4 pounds of spaghetti, a 3-pound meatball, and 1 pound of sauce. The challenger has one hour to finish this dish. If they make it, the meal is free and they get some free swag. If they lose, they have to pay $45.99 for the meal. Click here for more information on the challenge.

The Sandwich Shop – Collinsville

The Sandwich Shop in Collinsville, Illinois holds an annual hamburger eating contest in the fall. Participants eat half-pound burgers and a bag of Ruffles. The first one to finish the chips and eat 6 burgers wins a $100 gift card to the restaurant. Click here to watch the first contest.