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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – On their sleeves it says to serve and protect and occasionally tie a Windsor knot if needed.

“We’re part of the MetroLink detail for St. Louis County,” says Sgt. Howard Marshall, St. Louis County Police Department.   We were walking and doing our detail and talking to people and this gentleman approached us me and Officer Carper.”

“We saw the subject roaming around the bus stop areas and he approached us and asked us if we knew how to tie a tie and he was headed for a job interview,” says Officer Abenet Carper, St. Louis County Police Department.

Marshall with almost 20 years’ experience on the job, thought back to his childhood and early training on tying a tie.

“That was the cool thing, my step father died in 2009 and I thought, ‘Thank you.  Thank you for showing me how to do this,’” says Marshall.

The gentleman, who declined our interview, aced his.

“He did.  He got the job and he got multiple offers from other places to.  We were very delighted about that.”

“I want people to know that your St. Louis County Police department and officers are here to help you,” says Marshall.  “Whether it’s with a criminal case or just to tie a tie.”

And in this case, a tie is a win for everyone involved.