County voters may decide the fate of businesses that serve smokers

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – The flick of a lighters starts the burning sensation of what some consider the most relaxing man-made crafts.

“We have one rule,” 66 Cigar owner, Jay Rosloff said. “The best cigar you enjoy is the one you love the most.”

Some connoisseurs pair their Cuban’s with the finest whiskey and use the cigar shop as a sort of get-away.

“Even if we don’t agree politically,” he said. “We can all agree on cigars.”

Rosloff’s mantra will have to change soon as a ballot issue on St. Louis County’s November ballot could have his customers agreeing on at least one issue.

The measure would ban smoking in all county private and public businesses.

“It’s completely absurd,” he said. “There aren’t that many cigar smokers to not to include us makes no sense whatsoever.”

The measure came after thousands of county residents signed their names on a petition to encourage the county council to put it to the public’s vote.

If it passes, Rosloff says it would be detrimental to his 2-and-a-half-year empire.

“This will definitely put us out of business,” Rosloff said. “There’s no question it will put us out of business. It would put most of the dozen or so places out of business.

Meanwhile, voters like Josh Wilks say they understand not having smoking in restaurants but does not agree that the ban should include places that specializes in serving smokers.

“That’s ridiculous,” Wilks said. “They know what they’re going in there to do. They’re all adults. They’re all 21. Let them go in there and have a good time.”

Until voters make their way to the polls, cigar smokers will just have to let it rest until a decision is reached.


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