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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO -Jessica Schober says she checked her doors twice making sure they were locked before heading south, but when she and her husband came back home they were in for a surprise.

“We were anxious to get in bed, tired from the drive and then my heart sank,” she said.

After kicking their feet up in the sandy beaches in Florida, Jessica Schober and her husband returned home to find someone had kicked in their door.

“I came to unlock the door, but it was already opened for me,” Schober said pointing to her door. “As you can see there’s footprints and you see this doorjamb completely broken.”

After making their way inside, the couple quickly discovered the worst – the thieves had stolen precious sentimental valuables.

St. Louis Cardinals replica rings, Schober’s husband perfect score bowling rings and shotguns were all missing from the home.

All holding a special place in couple’s hearts.

“I feel pretty personally attacked by the things they took,” Schober said. “I think the biggest thing I struggle with is that they can be using my gun for something bad and that’s scary.”

After their burglary, Schober’s neighbors found this guy on their home surveillance cameras allegedly breaking into their cars.

A short time after noticing the camera, the guy climbs on top of a car and turns the camera away.

It’s unclear right now if he’s behind Schober’s theft, but after the two burglaries, this community is on high alert.

Meanwhile, the Schober’s are feeling like prisoners in her own home.

“It’s pretty scary,” she said. “I don’t sleep, I haven’t slept too good since that happened. It’s something that’s constantly on our minds.”