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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – One week old Charlie Lamm has a very unique meaning behind his name. He was named after the St. Charles County ambulance district thanks to the help of two paramedics who helped deliver him at his home. Those paramedics are now known as Charlie’s Angels.

On October 8th Alexa Lamm started having contractions.

“We waited here started timing them waiting until they got to be about five minutes apart then went to the hospital, it is our third child so we kind of knew what to expect,” said Alexa.

The Lamm’s made the 40-minute drive to the hospital, but after a few hours Alexa wasn’t progressing and doctors sent them home. Then within a few minutes of getting back to their house Alexa knew she was about to have a baby.

“It happened, a big huge contraction and I was like holy cow I’m pushing this is happening.” said Alexa.

The Lamm’s didn’t have time to get back to the hospital so Alexa’s husband Justin called 911.

“I put the speaker phone on the floor and I’m being instructed on how to deliver a baby, all I remember is take the shoelace out of my shoe put a lot of towels on the floor and get ready,” said Justin.

Laughing about it now, the couple remembers the 911 operator telling Justin to encourage Alexa to push.

“She tells me to root your wife on and tell your wife good job and all I remember saying is don’t do that just breathe they are coming,” said Justin.

The paramedics quickly arrived and took over. A short time later, holding a healthy baby boy, Alexa knew he needed a special name.

“I was laying down in the bedroom their blue shirts with St. Charles County ambulance district is etched in my mind and I was like what about Charlie,” said Alexa.

Paramedics Lori and Trish quickly became known as Charlie’s Angels.

“Charlie was a mountain top moment for us, you have a lot of bad that you see in all of public service you have the tough stuff, and Charlie is one of the really good things,” paramedic Lori Sizer said. “So even when you are in the rough stuff you can look at the mountain tops and think remember Charlie that was awesome.”