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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – A West Port Plaza restaurant owner wants to make sure a couple offended by one of his former servers is comfortable coming back to his business.

FOX2’s April Simpson continues to follow this controversy as the owner of Patrick’s sat down face to face with the customers.

Forgiveness to the owner of Patrick’s Bar and Grill in Westport after Kimberli Wilson got a receipt from a former server that rubbed Kimberli Wilson the wrong way.

Patrick’s owner Rick Hanson has tried to make things right including offering Wilson and her brother unlimited meals. Something Wilson says was not necessary.

Patrick Hanson says “We’ve already had lineups with all of our servers and bartenders, but I’m also going to bring in a consultant to give some diversity training so we all understand what it’s all about. You’ve been around 33 years you think you’re doing everything right, but now I understand there’s another step I got to go

Wilson adds she’s glad that Mr. Hanon took the initiative to reach out to her to offer an apology and she’s glad he’s going to take steps for diversity training so that something good comes out of this.