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O’FALLON, IL (KTVI) – Michael and Desiree Daley are looking for answers after their dog, Demon, died after a grooming appointment at the PETSMART in O’Fallon, Illinois.

“Somebody has to give me answers” said Daley.  “He was healthy when I dropped him off, he wasn’t healthy when I picked him up.  I need to know what happened.  How does a dog go for a bath and nail trims and never come home, I don’t get it” she said.

Daley says when she went to pickup her three dogs on Saturday, two of them were fine, but she noticed something different about Demon.

“He was labored breathing, he couldn’t breathe.  He sounded worse than an asthmatic trying to catch his breath” Daley said.

Daley rushed Demon to the Four Paws Animal Hospital where a number of his vitals read abnormal and his temperature over 103 degrees.

“It wasn’t even 20 minutes, not even that after I picked him up and he was deceased.  Gone” said Daley.

In a statement given to Fox 2 News, Petsmart said, “We are truly saddened by the loss of Demon. An internal investigation is underway, and we remain in continual contact with the pet parent. Additionally, we are all waiting for test results to better understand what happened.”

The Daley’s took Demon’s body to the vet hospital at Mizzou to undergo a necropsy before being cremated.

“They failed me, they failed my dog” said Daley.  “They know they’re at fault for something. Their negligence is the reason we don’t have our sweet boy” she said.