COVID-19 trends across the bi-state show different impacts by counties

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ST . LOUIS – The latest coronavirus numbers reveal that for the fourth day in a row more than half of the counties we track in Missouri and Illinois have no new coronavirus cases. However, there are still troubling elements in the new case counts.

For Missouri, the case increases were higher toward the beginning of this latest seven day period, then dropped some in the middle, then finished higher again with adding 175 more cases. Missouri now has at least 564 deaths statewide.

The pattern has been somewhat similar to the state of Illinois. There are larger increases in the first couple of days, then increases were a little smaller, then bigger jumps for two of the last three days. Illinois reported more than 3,200 additional cases and 136 more deaths. The total of the COVID-19 death toll in Illinois is now above 3,900.

13 of the 29 counties that we monitor across the bi-state report 156 new coronavirus cases and 21 more COVID-19 deaths. The other 16 counties have no new infections. This is the third time this week that we have 13 counties with new cases and/or deaths and 16 without more cases.

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