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FERGUSON, Mo. – Right now Missouri ranks last among people vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus in the US. Today people who still need to get vaccinated had the chance for free with incentives at multiple locations in the St. Louis region.

“The St. Louis County Health Department is ready to put as many shots in people’s arms as folks that show up,” said Nathan Landsbaum.

A nearly limitless supply of COVID vaccines were available today at the Centene location in Ferguson.

“This is a community that has been negatively disproportionately impacted by the virus and the vaccination rates are lower,” said Nathan Landsbaum.

Part of getting more people vaccinated also means informing those who may be skeptical. NFL Hall-of-Famer Aeneas Williams was there to voice his support.

Williams says he understands why some may be skeptical which is why it is important to keep informing people.

“To get vaccinated, and know it can possibly stave off death from myself and also possible death of a loved one. In my thinking, it’s a low risk in terms of doing it for the benefit of others,” said Aeneas Williams.

Those who received the vaccination enjoyed food entertainment and giveaways like cardinals tickets and electronics that were raffled off.

As for how many more free mass vaccination events they will in the future? The answer is simple. It appears there will be many more until vaccination rates go up.