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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – There are creepy clown sightings from Granite city to Rolla. Police have investigated and found no evidence to support them. The biggest concern now may not be clowns but the way people are responding.

Pevely Police say people are “arming” themselves and going out looking for clowns. Even if these sightings are part of some sick joke, people are scared. one teen who asked that we not use her name, says her cat was just hurt.

A Pevely teen tells us she got a Facebook friend request from a clown with a message saying the clown would be playing with her cat. A day or two later, she says, her cat was missing part of its paw. She has not reported it to police.

It’s among the latest “clown sighting” stories to spring up around the country. James Hornburg lives in the Pevely Pointe apartment complex. He says the clown was sitting down along the tree line behind the apartments. Around the same time, he says a visiting friend received a picture of himself at Hornburg’s apartment, taken from a distance. But no one’s produced such a picture and there are no photos to back up the sightings.

Police say they found people with weapons while searching the woods behind Pevely Pointe. They were trying to track down the clowns. Police are worried someone’s going to get hurt during the hysteria.

“People were clown hunting yesterday. One of her friends that lives down the hill says she looked out her window and saw them walking through the woods. It was two of them,” said Kyle Wood.

Pevely Police say there have been at least five anonymous calls reporting clown sightings in the past week, including one of a clown with a knife. THey hope the hysteria fades before Halloween but are still planning for a heavy patrol presence that night.