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CREVE COEUR, MO (KTVI) – Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is one tool the City of Creve Coeur is using to help prioritize pavement replacement projects. The city contracted with Geotechnology to provide analysis of specific areas in need of repair.

“We were actually able to make some 3D images so that they could make maps of the streets that we scanned,” said Geotechnology Project Manager Boston Fodor.

“That way we can better prioritize our repair list for the coming year,” said Creve Coeur Public Works Director Jim Heines.

Heines said the city uses GPR with other technologies which provide structural and surface analysis. GPR can help determine whether voids exist under surfaces. In one case, GPR helped prevent an unnecessary reconstruction project.

“It pointed out to us in an area where we thought there was lot of undermining that we didn’t have as much undermining as we thought,” Heines said. “It took a street, a whole subdivision, off of a reconstruction list and put it over onto a repair list.”

Heines presented the GPR findings to council members this week. The results of pavement analysis from other technologies will be presented during future meetings.