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ST. PETERS, Mo. – A St. Peters fitness center uses its small size and a company that cleans crime scenes in the fight against the new coronavirus.

“Typically, we have between 16 to 20 people in this facility,” said Cameron Ritter, Owner of Prime Time Personal Training.

To comply with CDC suggestions for pregnant clients and those over 60, he recently dropped that number 10. Ritter said Prime Time is not a gym, but a studio that takes appointments only.

“We only allow our clients to come in, so we are able to control the size,” Ritter said that helps him fight all germs, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

“We have our clients cleaning up between sets, wiping everything down, following them around with Lysol.”

Someone might see sweat on the dumbbells. But what really worries Ritter, are seams like the ones between the rubber tiles on the floor. “So, we have to literally have to fog the entire gym, from seven, eight feet down,” said Megan Boccardi, co-owner of Bio-One.

Bio-One has cleaned natural disaster damage and severe household hoarding. The company even cleaned the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting scene, which covered entire city blocks. Boccardi said the staff always puts on sealed suits, for blood they can see and a virus they cannot.

“Well, we have to focus on every surface. Any kind of respiratory droplet from coughing, from sneezing, it can go anywhere. The CDC has a list of chemicals that are out that only kill coronavirus and have been proven to kill SARS. So, that’s what we’re using.”

This helps Ritter relax a bit, even though he knows future regulations could force him to shut his doors and go online to train clients.
“We care about more than just their fitness. We also care about their health.”

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