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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The date to file the St. Louis City earnings tax has been extended to May 17 to match the new federal deadline. Taxpayers will not need to file additional forms to qualify for the extension.

“Again this year, we have made the decision to mirror the Treasury Department and IRS tax filing deadline for the earnings tax,” writes St. Louis Collector of Revenue Gregory F.X. Daly. “The process of filing your earnings taxes remains the same. Only the deadline is changing.”

The earnings tax is on the ballot on April 6. The same election will decide the next mayor of St. Louis.

The tax contributes to around a third of the city’s budget. The one percent tax is based on an individual or corporation’s income. People and companies who make more, pay more. It is responsible for paying for basic services like police, fire, EMS, parks, trash collection, and more.

The earnings tax is a one percent tax paid on compensation and profits earned in the city. It is voted on every five years after statewide Missouri Proposition A passed in 2010. The referendum applies to the earnings taxes in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Opponents say the earnings tax stifles job growth in the city and if voters reject it, the tax would be phased out over ten years, giving the city plenty time to find new revenue sources.