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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KTVI) – When Jaimie Mowers sees bees, it makes her pause and remember to be kind to others.

‘Because you can and kindness doesn`t cost a thing and one of the best things about kindness is that it`s contagious,’ says Jaimie Mowers.

Wednesday morning mowers was spreading good cheer in honor of her father Gary Baranyai.

He died June 29, 2014.

For the last two years she`s been paying it forward in his honor, handing out cookies, dropping off flowers on front porches to strangers and even leaving quarters at the car wash for others.

‘I think it`s a great movement,’ says David Broyles.  ‘There needs to be a lot more people to spread the kindness for real.  Especially here in St. Louis.’

After her dad died, mowers relied on her colony of friends.

They created a website in his honor and t-shirts that read #buzzingloveforgarybee.

They also created be kind every June 29th for Gary b.

Mowers holds onto a memory of running a marathon with her dad and his favorite quote from Lewis Carroll.

‘One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is worth doing is worth doing for others and that just exemplifies who my Dad was,’ says Mowers.

He was a Marine, a man with a hearty laugh and the guy who taught his daughter the beatitudes about mercy and compassion.

‘Every time I see a bee I stop and I just think of my Dad and I smile a little bit bigger and that inspires me to make someone else smile and to try and go out and put some good into the world,’ says Mowers.