Daughter of missing pregnant woman still seeking answers

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – It has been more than 13 years since Amanda Kay Jones disappeared in Jefferson County, days before giving birth to her second child. Among the family left behind was a four-year-old daughter, Hannah, who is now a high school senior and still desperate for answers.

“It’s still hard for our entire family because we just don’t have any answers from anyone,” Hannah said.

While Hannah was young when her mother vanished, she remembers Jones called her “Princess” and Hannah called Jones “my angel.” Hannah holds onto those memories and the last keepsake she got from her mother: a teddy bear they picked up in Tennessee during their last family vacation.

Jones, then 26, was eight and a half months pregnant when she disappeared August 14, 2005.

“She was a loving person, she was really nice, and she just loved other people and loved me, and was excited to have another baby,” said Hannah.

The case has stumped law enforcement for more than a decade. Both the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI said Bryan Westfall remains a focus of the case because he was the last known person to have seen her.

According to Jones’ family and police, Jones met Westfall at her company’s holiday party in December 2004. The two spent the night together, but the relationship ended there.

In February, Jones took Hannah with her to the Hillsboro Community Civic Center to tell Westfall she was pregnant. Hannah said she clearly remembers that day.

“We went there and met Bryan Westfall and him and my mom were going to talk about my brother,” she said. “My mom asked if he would have any part in my brother’s life, and he said, ‘No,’ and he said that he’d pay for an abortion, and I told him that, ‘You wouldn’t hurt my baby.'”

Hannah never got to meet her baby brother, Hayden Lucas. About a week before she was scheduled to give birth, Jones again met Westfall at the civic center. She never came home.

Westfall has never spoken to the media, and, according to the sheriff’s office, he has not spoken to law enforcement since 2005.

“Mr. Westfall has always denied being involved in any way in Ms. Jones’ disappearance and denied being the father of her child,” said Kevin Roberts, Westfall’s attorney.

After Hannah’s mother vanished, she lived with her father until his death a few years later. Hannah has lived with her grandparents, Jones’ parents, ever since.

Despite the heartache Hannah has faced and lived with for the past 13 years, she said she’s doing okay. She has a supportive family, she’s on the dance team at school, she likes spending time with her friends, and she is preparing to go to college where she plans to study nursing.

“I like the medical field a lot, and I want to be a pediatric nurse because I like babies,” Hannah said.

Hannah said she still wants to know what happened to her mother and brother, and she hopes people remember they are still missing.

“She’s still gone, and she’s not here, and that I didn’t have a brother, and that I don’t have a mom anymore, and that I just miss her, and I miss my brother.”

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to Amanda Jones and her unborn son, or for information leading to the person involved in their disappearance.

If you have any information, please contact the FBI St. Louis at (314)589-2500 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at (636)797-5515.

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