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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- A new, comprehensive strategy to combat heroin and prescription drug abuse along with the violent crime that comes with those problems is set to be announced later Thursday.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is taking the lead on this approach that’s set to be announced at the St. Louis DEA office downtown. 

This new plan is called the 360 Strategy because it incorporates not only law enforcement but also other community agencies focused on preventing heroin and prescription drug abuse.

The strategy takes a three fold approach. There`s a law enforcement branch with the DEA coordinating enforcement actions targeting all levels of drug traffickers. The program will try to have a lasting impact by engaging drug manufacturers and pharmacists to raise awareness about the problems of heroin prescription drug abuse and push for the responsible prescribing of medications.

Finally, this effort will attempt to change attitudes through community outreach and partnering with local groups after DEA raids to make sure local organizations have the tools to fight heroin and prescription drug abuse.

The 360 Strategy launched last November in Pittsburgh. DEA officials are praising the concept as a program that could be a model for other communities like St. Louis to deal with heroin and prescription drug abuse.

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