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ST. LOUIS, MO(KTVI)- There was a crash of sorts Tuesday at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. It did not involve any airplanes. A deer, acting erratic, plowed into a window in Terminal 2, formerly known as the East Terminal, three times. The injured animal was later shot and killed.

Passenger Gail Harmata said, “That makes me very concerned. It’s in the middle of an urban area.”

A repairman replaced a big piece of safety glass broken by the deer. It never made it inside.

Airport spokesman Jeff Lea said, “It was acting erratic, may have been sick or ill or injured. It appears to take a running charge towards the glass here at Terminal two, 2 or 3 times and ended up breaking the glass.”

The deer was bleeding badly; crews were still cleaning up the blood hours after the incident. The animal also smashed out a window in a bus shelter.

Passengers who were outside were ushered inside for their safety. Police and the airport’s Animal Mitigation Team rushed to the scene.

Lea said, “They do a lot of mitigation to make sure that our airfield is safe from any type of animal, whether it’s four legged or birds or any type of animal.”

The buck was cornered far away from the terminal and put down.

Passenger Paul Morgan said, “It was probably injured. It couldn’t survive in the wild anymore.”

So why did this happen? A Department of Natural Resources expert said the animal could have been sick or it acting aggressive because this is the peak of mating season.

Dan Zarlenga, who works for the Department of Conservation said, “There not always thinking with common sense. So it’s possible in a case like this the deer may have seen a reflection in a store window or glass window or whatever and thought it was another male deer challenging him.”

This should serve as a reminder for motorists who drive where deer are common.  Be aware the animals are on the move this time of year, especially at dawn and dusk.