Deformed Turtle Embodies Anti-Litter Cause

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – It’s not everyday that you see a turtle with an hourglass figure. Peanut is a female Red-Eared Slider Turtle with a waste-line that does not belong on her.

“She was found with a plastic six pack ring stuck around her shell.” said Naturalist Amy Anderson.

She was taken to the St. Louis Zoo for observation in 1993.

“When the Zoo got her they took off the ring and they did x-rays.  The only thing they found was that one of her lungs was deformed.   Other than that, she’s a healthy turtle.” said Amy Anderson.

Now, she’s the official spokes-turtle for ‘No More Trash.’ It’s Missouri’s move to encourage everyone to put litter in it’s place. Peanut was speaking volumes on Tuesday at the Powder Valley Nature Center.

“A lot of people will tell stories of how she’s why I cut up my soda rings.  It’s because they saw a picture of her on the internet or saw her in person.” said Amy Anderson.

A picture can speak a thousand words, but seeing with your own eyes can leave a lasting impression, much like the one that Peanut has everyday.

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