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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Another protest was held outside St. Louis police headquarters in downtown. Unlike Wednesday`s demonstration, where protesters complained about mistreatment by police and tried to push their way inside, this event was in support of officers.

Word went out on Facebook just a few days ago calling for a pro-police rally on New Year’s Day outside St. Louis police headquarters on Olive. About 200 people gathered across the street from police headquarters. Many holding signs of support and blue balloons to show their solidarity with police. Officers driving by honked their horns in appreciation of the rally. It wasn’t long before the chief and other city officers walked thru the demonstrators thanking them for their support.

The demonstrators also released the dozens of blue balloons and cheered as many police officers looked on. They also sold t-shirts to raise money to buy bullet proof vests for police departments throughout the St. Louis area.

Before the rally began the supporters delivered sub sandwiches and about 75 cupcakes to police headquarters as a way to say thanks to the officers.