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DES PERES, MO (KTVI) – A massage business in an upscale shopping area of Des Peres, Missouri, has been shut down, and two workers arrested for prostitution.  The Rong Hua D-Stress Sauna and Massage was drawing complaints from neighbors.  That’s when an undercover cop went in. 

An officer from the St. Louis County Police Special Investigation Unit delivered the evidence.  Fox 2’s partners at Patch report the officer was able to solicit prostitution from one of the two women charged, Jufang Long, 62.  Officers entered and saw a second woman , Cuizhen Wu, 40, engaged in a sex act with another customer. 

The two women both list an address on Duxberry Way Walk in Chesterfield, a quiet street that is home to several houses valued at more than a quarter million dollars. 

In Des Peres, neighboring businesses in the strip mall on Manchester Road are not surprised.  Rich Goellner, whose business OK Vacuum and Janitor Supply is on the floor below Rong Hua D-Stress, says he wasn’t surprised people were led out in handcuffs.  The clientele, exclusively male, didn’t add up.

“You work out or something, it feels great to get a massage.  But this deal, there was no women going to the massage place, and I just found it sort of odd that you would open a massage parlor and there would be no women at all as customers.  The massage places I go to, I’m normally the minority.  Guys go there but it’s mostly women,” explained Goellner.

He says he told his landlord something was amiss, but the man responded that he had no evidence and couldn’t discriminate against the business.

“I just think it’s a shame.  You know you’ve got my wife here.  We’ve got mostly women as a clientele.  There’s women that are going to the quilting place upstairs and the nail studio, and this has to happen right where they’re all going to do their business.  I didn’t think it was real good.”