“Doctor Who” gets Google Doodle game for 50th Anniversary

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(KTVI)- It is one of the most loved science fiction television shows of all time and it is celebrating 50 years on Saturday.  “Doctor Who” first aired on the BBC on November 23, 1963. The series was revived in 2005 after 16 years off the air.

In 2006, “Doctor Who” was named TV’s longest-running Sci-Fi show by the Guinness Book of Records.

On Saturday, Google unveiled its largest ever doodle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who”. The Google doodle is a five-level game all about the Doctor. Pick which of the eleven Doctors suits you best as your avatar and then find all of the letter of “Google” which have been stolen by the Daleks.

“Doctor Who” tells the story of a Time Lord, a time-traveling humanoid alien known as the Doctor, who explores the universe in his TARDIS (acronym: Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a time-traveling space ship that looks like a blue British police box, a common sight in Britain in 1963.

Click here to see the Google doodle and play the game.


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