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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (KTVI)– A dog found shot and left for dead in a field in East St. Louis on Wednesday was euthanized Thursday afternoon by St. Clair County Animal Control.

According to witnesses, the black-and-white pit bull mix named Domino was shot by an East St. Louis police officer Tuesday while responding to a call for an eight-year-old boy that had been bitten by the dog.

The boy reportedly had been pelting the dog with rocks.

Domino was rushed to a St. Louis animal hospital by Gateway Pet Guardians, who by law had to turn the dog over to St. Clair County Animal Control, which has jurisdiction in bite cases.

“There are many emotions I have felt in the last 24 hours,” said Jaime Case, Executive Director of Gateway Pet Guardians. “Anger, at parents not teaching their kids to respect animals, and the police department for not knowing the proper protocol when a dog bite occurs.”

The dog`s owner says her family is temporarily homeless, so Domino had been staying with a family friend in East St. Louis.

It`s unclear how he got loose, but records show he bit another child back in May when the owner`s daughter accidentally let Domino out of the house.

“He is protective of our familybut he has never been aggressive with none of us so I think he was kind of being picked on and out of his atmosphere,” said Leah Langley, Domino`s owner.

Langley says she could not afford to pay for rabies testing or medical attention, which would be required for her to get the dog returned.

And because of his bite history, the county considers the dog unadoptable, so the decision was made to put the dog down as fast as possible to end its suffering, and get a rabies test run quickly on its brain tissue since the boy who was bitten has already started getting rabies shots.

“It`s kind of sad. He was like my child,” said Langley. “I made the best choices I could at the time.'”Dog allegedly shot by police, left for dead
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