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ST. LOUIS– If you have a growing pile of electronics in your home it may be easy to want to throw them in the trash, however that is the last thing you should do!

Scott Schaffer, Chief Information Security Officer with Blade Technologies, says E-waste contains lots of hazardous elements that can harm you or animals.

Batteries are a big concern because they contain many different chemicals and can also burst into fire under certain conditions.

There are a few ways you can repurpose your devices. If you have a smartphone you can consider using it as an alarm clock, security camera, or SmartTV remote. An old tablet can be used as a digital picture frame or video call station.

Schaffer says there are a few apps out there that can help you repurpose those devices.

  • AlfredCamera- use for corss-platform security cameras
  • Manything- good for repurposing iOS tablets as security cameras
  • Presence Video Security Camera- good for using devices for security cameras
  • Alarm Clock for me- cross-platform app to turn your device into a dedicated alarm clock
  • Apple Photos app or Google Photos app- will let you turn your device into a dedicated smart picture frame

If you don’t want the electronic device any longer you should bring it to an E-waste recycler. There are several in the St. Louis area. Some major retailers also collect electronics.

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