FENTON, Mo. – The Saline Valley Fire Protection District just off of 141 in Fenton was the command center Wednesday night into Thursday morning for flash flood responses and crews have been busy.

Flood waters swamped the Covered Bridge RV Park near Highway 141 by Saline Creek. Rescuers went door to door through the campsite making sure everyone got out safely. No one was trapped and everyone was able to get out.

“I came down here around 10:30 p.m. to keep an eye on it because I knew the water was coming up quick. It was raining hard and might come up quick, and sure enough at about 11:30 p.m. it started creeping into the park and then by 12 a.m. it was in the park pretty bad,” owner of Covered Bridge RV Park and Storage Phil Tracy said. “We went around, knocked on everyone’s door and just let them know what was happening and try to get everyone to start moving and at least get themselves and their vehicle out.”

Down the road from there is Romaine Creek Road. First responders had to use boats to access the road where people were trapped in their homes. The water was rushing so fast that the first boat that deployed had to return to get a bigger motor. Several people were rescued.