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(STLMoms) – Of course divorce at any time is tough on kids, but there are some things parents can do to make it as easy as possible.

Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan talks about the five worst-case scenarios for children of divorce.

Here are the things you want to avoid:
1. Being an angry parent

2. Being a depressed parent

3. Avoid confusion: I`ve met many kids who never saw their parents fight, so when they heard about their folks` decision to divorce, they are really surprised and confused.

4. The only child:  Having to process through a divorce is tough when you don`t have siblings there for comfort and to talk to. These kids often spend many nights in their bedrooms, alone, listening to their parents screaming at each other.

5. Parents who date: Too many parents rebound right into another relationship, and these days even before the divorce is final.

So what can and should parents do?
Divorced children need parents who are present, good safe listeners, focused on their needs, and willing to create a friendly and cooperative relationship with each other.