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ARNOLD, Mo. – Area fire departments do not want anyone burning leaves right now. Weather conditions are just too favorable for brush fires to start and spread quickly.

Rock Community Fire Protection District Public Information Officer Ron Harder called the conditions a perfect storm for brush fires. He said the combination of low humidity, dry leaves and a breeze have firefighters preparing for trouble.

“Fires can travel very, very rapidly,”Harder said.

Many communities do not allow leaf burning but that doesn’t always prevent brush fires from starting.

“Sometimes people don’t follow that,” Harder said. “They might have open fire pits. They might have charcoal grills and it just takes a few sparks to get in this underbrush and that wind to feed it.”

Harder wants anyone who sees a brush fire to call 911. He said if someone decides to put out a brush fire with a hose they should make sure the entire area around the fire is soaked.