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Glenn Frey from The Eagles is being remembered by music fans and St. Louisans who knew the singer-songwriter.

But Patrick Clark tells us about one of the best kept secrets about the superstar band’s link to St. Louis.  The Eagles played one of their final performances at a St. Louis high school that few knew about, until now.

It’s a set list from one of the last performances by The Eagles, and it happened in St. Louis last summer at CBC high school.

Mike Bartoni/Facilities Director CBC High School:  “It still gives me chills because I got to bring my wife and kids to the concert and it was whew, big time”.

The event on July 31, 2015 was a 59th birthday party for a private donor.  His one wish, to have The Eagles perform and mum was the word on the musicians who would play the party for the 300 guests.

Mike Bartoni/Facilities Director CBC High School:  “They still can’t believe that I kept my mouth shut for about six months.  It was really really hard not to say anything but what are you going to do?  They asked me and I kept it quiet”.

But it’s not just secrets surrounding The Eagles, but also superstition.

Killer Vintage owner Dave Hinson knew Eagle front-man Glenn Frey and the double pickup he had on his prized Les Paul.

Dave Hinson/Killer Vintage Owner:  “Glenn had a black Les Paul special.  It was just like this but it had two pickups”.

The guitar had been owned by Jackson Browne who then gifted it to his friend, Frey.

Dave Hinson/Killer Vintage Owner:  “The neck pickup was weak it didn’t really work.  But Glenn was so superstitious he wouldn’t let anybody touch that to work on it”.

Tuesday afternoon Radio Rich Dalton from the was spinning Eagles songs all day for internet listeners around the world.

Radio Rich Dalton/TheRoots.FM:  “We had no forewarning.  We thought David Bowie and Glenn Frey were healthy.  They kept their illnesses secret and then all of a sudden wham-o they’re gone.  And not only that, they’re not really that old”.

But secrets, superstitions, record spins and Eagle watching, well, that all happened right here, in this Mississippi River town.